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Personally handled:

  • U.S. ex rel. Kalyanaram v. New York Institute of Technology, et al., 07 Civ. 9307 (JFK) (SDNY).

United States alleged that defendants used recruiters who were paid incentive compensation in a manner that violated federal education law and regulations.

Settled in 2012 for $4 million from multiple defendants.


  • U.S. v. Dragados/Judlau, et al., 12 Civ. 2563 (LTS) (SDNY).

United States alleged that defendants engaged in a scheme to avoid their obligations to hire disadvantaged business enterprises to perform work on a federally-funded project and made false statements to the government regarding the project.

Settled in 2012 for $7.5 million.

  • U.S. ex rel. Jane Doe v. Education Holdings 1, Inc. f/k/a The Princeton Review, Inc., et al., 09 Civ. 6876 (BSJ) (SDNY).

United States alleged that Princeton Review obtained federal funds for thousands of hours of tutoring service that Princeton Review never provided.

Settled in 2012 for $10 million.

  • U.S. ex rel. John Doe v. Structured Employment Economic Development Corp., et al., 11 Civ. 6425 (AKH) (SDNY).

United States alleged that defendant defrauded the federal government by making misrepresentations about job candidates being placed in jobs with the assistance of career assistance centers.

Settled in 2012 for nearly $2 million.

  • U.S. ex rel. Karlin v. Noble Jewelry Holdings, Ltd., et al., 08 Civ. 7826 (JGK) (SDNY).

United States alleged that defendants submitted invoices to the federal government for imports that understated the value of the goods imported to avoid paying customs duties.

Settled in 2011 for nearly $4 million.

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